Adding Value

Five must do’s, before you list your home for sale

Investing in certain key areas around your home before selling it can help increase its appeal to potential buyers and potentially fetch a higher selling price. Here are the five most important things to consider:

  1. Curb Appeal: The first impression matters. Enhance your home’s curb appeal by investing in landscaping, exterior painting, and repairs. A well-maintained exterior can attract more buyers and create a positive initial impression.
  2. Interior Updates: Focus on interior upgrades that can add value. Consider fresh paint in neutral colors, modernising fixtures and hardware, repairing any visible damage, and updating outdated appliances. Kitchens and bathrooms are often considered the most critical areas to renovate.
  3. Home Staging: Staging your home can help potential buyers visualise themselves living there. This might involve rearranging furniture, adding decorative items, and ensuring that each room is well-lit and inviting.
  4. Energy Efficiency Improvements: Many buyers are interested in energy-efficient homes. Consider investing in energy-efficient windows, insulation, a programmable thermostat, or even solar panels if it’s cost-effective for your area. These upgrades can appeal to environmentally conscious buyers and potentially reduce long-term operating costs.
  5. Maintenance and Repairs: Prioritise essential maintenance and repairs. This includes fixing any leaks, replacing damaged roofing or siding, addressing electrical and plumbing issues, and ensuring that the property is in good working order. A well-maintained home is more attractive and can give buyers confidence that they won’t encounter immediate problems.

Remember that the investment should be proportionate to the potential increase in your home’s selling price. It’s essential to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine which improvements will deliver the best return on investment for your specific target buyer. Consulting with your chosen real estate agent may provide a valuable insight into what upgrades are most likely to pay off for localisation and target audience. If you would like to understand more or you’d like a free property appraisal that considers the elements above and the potential gains available to you please call Graham McIntyre AREINZ, Mike Pero Real Estate, Licensed REAA2008, on 0800 900 700 or 027 632 0421.

Five reasons more people are selling with Mike Pero Real Estate

  1. Exclusive Flexi-Commission Model: At Mike Pero Real Estate, they believe in putting you in control. Their Flexi-Commission model allows you to choose the fee you pay based on the level of service you receive. It’s about giving you control and ensuring you get the maximum value that you deserve.
  2. Free Marketing: Picture this – all your marketing expenses covered when you sell your property. With Mike Pero Real Estate, they offer a unique blend of marketing strategies, including recommended upgrades to enhance your property’s appeal. The best part? It’s all on Mike Pero Real Estate when you sell, making sure you get the best possible result without cost.
  3. Experienced and Professional: Selling your home requires expertise, and the team at Mike Pero Real Estate is second to none. Graham has achieved the highest qualifications in real estate and boasts over 17 years of consistently exceeding client expectations. Rest assured, your property is in the hands of seasoned professionals.
  4. Extensive Reach: Mike Pero Real Estate believes in the power of collaboration. When you choose them, you tap into a network that spans across numerous brands, agents, influencers, and advisors. This inclusive approach ensures your property benefits from healthy competition in the market, maximizing its exposure.
  5. Guaranteed Service: Your peace of mind matters to us. Backed by hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients, Mike Pero Real Estate guarantees top-notch service delivery. Our track record speaks for itself, and we are committed to providing you with a comfortable and successful selling experience.

For a complimentary appraisal of your property and an in-person market update, look no further than Graham McIntyre AREINZ. Call him today at 027 632 0421, and take the first step towards a seamless and rewarding selling journey with Mike Pero Real Estate. (Licensed REAA2008) Your property deserves nothing less.

The 3 reasons that a property sells

It is not a mystery, and it is certainly not shrouded in secrecy, however it is sometimes confronting that even Sales People do not have the clearest grasp on what has to be right in order for a property to sell at the best price and in a timely manner.  After 17 years operating at the highest level in residential property sales in the Auckland market, these are the key things you need to get right in order to sell well.

  1. Marketing - The marketing of a property is not words on paper and seldom is it the 45 second video but it is a careful mix and understanding of the audience, the competing houses in market and the advertising mediums that best convey the messages to a Purchaser. Sometimes the simplicity of the message gets lost in marketing mumbo-jumbo and the agent ignores key search words and localised interest. A clear understanding of audience and competition defines who is going to buy the property and highlights the mediums that will deliver the best message to the Buyers.
  2. Energy of the Real Estate Sales Person - If your Sales Agent lacks engagement, motivation, energy and charisma there is a good chance that the Buyers will have the same opinion. Your agent must be positive, communicate well, be upbeat and thorough. They need to deliver a buying experience that provides information and also listens for key pieces of information. High energy agents tune into a Buyers and discuss value, motivation and emotion. Energy is a result of drive, and motivation and results in greater satisfaction to both the property Owner and the Purchaser.
  3. Price - This is the least important of the three and is confused by many Real Estate Agents as the main reason a property sells or does not sell, this is not so. The price afforded a property is a direct result to a range of factors being affordability, desirability, and competition for ownership. Any combination of these elements can deliver an increased sale price but failure to generate any or all will see the sale price of a property continue to reduce.

You may have had experience in the past that resonates with these reasons and likewise the information here may have provided some timely in-put into historical non-performances. The reason that Mike Pero Real Estate exceeds our customer expectations is our low fee structure and our excellent and customized marketing. We focus on the Purchaser audience and the words that motivate action. We are aware of competing properties and focus our messages to highlight the unique advantages/ perceived advantages that will resonate. In addition we can use the complete suite of marketing mediums including Television, Glossy Magazines, High traffic web sites, Premium Social Media Content, Signage, Database targeting, Community Flyers including but not limited to Editorial, Photography, Videography.

All the sales team within Mike Pero Real Estate are high performers from other brands that understand great process, high energy and uncompromised motivation. We work with most agents from all brands and promote your property to the public directly and via buyers agents within other brands. We engage other agents by sharing our commission which ensures the Property Owner gets the lowest commission available but the biggest pool of potential Buyers regardless of who they are working with. If a sale is not concluded, we don’t get paid and the rest is history. Our motivation, energy and drive is uncompromised.

Mike Pero Group enjoys a wide spectrum of independent Mortgage Brokers that provided first tier and second tier lending to Purchasers wanting to own a home. This relationship between Mike Pero Real Estate and Mike Pero Mortgages ensures that Purchasers get the very best mortgage advice to increase the ability to access funds, the right banks and financiers who are doing the business and the professionalism to bring all the elements together. 

Once all is said and done, if you are on the market and seeking to sell and find this information helpful, it might be time to call me directly, Graham on 027 63 20421, or email It will provide clarity to a sometimes uncertain and uncomfortable situation.

The 4 must-do things when selling

After 17 years in real estate selling it is fair to say that I have seen it all. However if you are on market or about to go to market you may seek solace in understanding the most important things that will influence and motivate Purchasers and pricing.

  1. Remove your personal effects - Purchasers are buying your property not your things. The more you have in your house or on your section the less a purchaser will see. Their perception will be clouded by your things, the clutter and how much will be left behind for them to deal with. Often a house filled with personal effects will look a lot smaller and feel cramped. When buying a car from a dealer you’ll see the inside and outside is groomed, tires black, interior smells good, and is clear of distraction. Consider this as being the clean and minimalistic standard your house should be presented in.
  2. Remove any damaged chattels - Any curtains, drapes, rugs, furniture, personal effects that are worn, old, dirty or tired need to go. Simply remove, transfer to your garage or skip bin, but start moving things out of the home. If it is past its best Purchasers will feel that about your house, therefore get rid of it.
  3. Fix or repair any damage or unfinished projects - Typically Purchaser will over exaggerate the cost in time and money to fix any broken items or unfished projects. This exaggeration is often three fold the actual cost of remedy. Further it will reduce the number of purchasers and the value of the house. Make a plan to remedy defects as it will affect the sale time and the sale price directly.
  4. Paint and plaster where necessary - It does not cost a lot to identify blemishes, cracks, bangs and knocks and plaster them up and paint them but it will make a big difference. It will make the house feel and look fresh and attractive. Further it makes the Purchaser appreciate the house has been looked after and maintained. The small investment in paint and plaster can make a difference in thousands of dollars and a quicker sale.

It doesn’t cost a lot of time or money to do the simple things in preparing a house for sale. Simply start at one door and move room by room, likewise outside, start at the drive and move around the property doing a little bit at a time gets the job done, but do start now. For a free and independent pre-sale inspection report or for our pre-market check-list please call Graham on 027 632 0421 or email