Five essential considerations for your retirement

Everyone moves at their own pace when it comes to retirement living and you may be ready to move into a village when you finish working to enjoy a more active village life, or you may want to wait and consider social and health concerns. There are a variety of reasons people turn to retirement villages, be it health, companionship, maintenance work, financial freedom through to liking the community feel and activities a village provides. This is a personal decision. It is important to note that most retirement villages have a minimum entry age ranging from 65 upwards and require some work to be done to prepare. 

Know your wealth – It sometimes goes without saying but you’ll need to understand your asset pool and what you want to sell to ensure you have the cash to invest in this transition, all villages are different in their purchase and ongoing costs.

Have a plan – You’ll need to have an experienced AREINZ real estate agent that can guide you through the process of getting the most money for your property assets.

Be legally smart – Make sure your will is up-to-date, you have two enduring power of attorneys in place and that you seek advice on any license to occupy you may be considering 
Communicate – Ensure your friends and family are in the loop with your thoughts and plans, they will generally provide their advice. 

Start de-cluttering – Do a little daily, not all at once. You’ll need to work through your home and slowly sell, re-site or remove your furniture and bits-n-bods. You will be downsizing so space will be tight.

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